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House of St. Nicholas Tour

Do you fancy an eventful and unforgettable freshwater dive?
With the renovation of the diving water Riesenstein in Meißen, a lot of interesting things came to light. Why House of St. Nicholas Tour? Only those who are very familiar with the water will find everything without diving past the same things several times 😉 .
The guided tour leads to the Kettenwand, Boldercity, the Schlossberg, the chocolate fountain, the diverse 100-year-old relics of mining history, including the 18m and deepest point in the lake, the suction strainer in the pump sump, a horse-drawn carriage, the Matterhorn, the green emeralds , the chocolate dolls, the Ayers Rock, the tube, the hanging gardens, the magic forest, lots of fish, crabs, mussels, polyps, sponges and much more.
The one-hour adventure dive is individually tailored to your wishes, level of training, equipment and air consumption. 

House of St. Nicholas Tour

  • Professional dive escort

  • Dive center fee

    Rental equipment

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